Our Mission

Sincere desire to improve pipeline safety through the application of intuitive software that demonstrably diminishes human error throughout the manufacturing, transportation, and construction process.

Traceability. Transparency. Compliance.

On September 9, 2010, a pipe rupture in San Bruno, California killed eight people. In the aftermath of this tragedy, it was discovered that PG&E had very little information about the section of pipe that failed, nor were they able to easily locate other pipe from the same lot to see if it, too, might be at risk of failure.

As a result of the explosion, PG&E had to spend tens of millions of dollars to digitize its records and verify the operating pressures in all 6000+ miles of its transmission pipeline system.

At that time, T.G. Mercer, an Aledo, Texas-based midstream pipeline logistics firm, had been working on SpreadBoss® for over a year. The more they talked with people in the industry, the more they realized that a robust pipe tracking system was an idea whose time had come. Their goal was to set a new standard for traceability, transparency and compliance.

In addition to providing invaluable help in situations such as San Bruno, SpreadBoss® also opens up a world of day-to-day operational improvements. For example:

• Avoid unnecessary purchases. With SpreadBoss® you’ll be able to see what pipe you already have on hand and where it is.

• Reduce personnel costs in the field.
SpreadBoss® dramatically reduces the need to send auditors and accountants into the field; the information you need is just a few clicks away.

• No more shipping shortages. With SpreadBoss® data, you can rest assured that the quantity of pipe you receive matches the invoice or bill of lading.

• Work smarter. SpreadBoss® lets you plot better strategies for storing and locating your inventory, so that pipes can be easily accessed when and where you need them.

• Damage control.
Should a pipe malfunction, you can save time, money and headaches by locating all the other pipes from that heat in just minutes.

The T.G. Mercer team has been involved in providing transmission pipe for over 100 years. The development of SpreadBoss® is the latest step in continued commitment to understanding what challenges their customers face, and finding effective, affordable ways to address them.