We Track Your Pipe From Beginning to End

SpreadBoss® is not an “off the shelf” software product. Rather, it’s an extensive database that is supported by our software, materials and service personnel.  The program is operated and maintained by our own staff, and all information is stored on our secure server systems.  This approach helps keep your up-front investment of time, money, personnel and training to an absolute minimum.

When you put SpreadBoss® to work for you, our personnel handle all of the tracking and scanning, and provide data in a format that is compatible with your existing system.  With this powerful tool, you can access the following services on an ongoing or “as needed” basis:


SpreadBoss® personnel can examine raw production data from the mills and verify joint numbers, heat numbers and other important information. You’ll never have to waste valuable hours tracking down duplicate numbers. You can also verify the status of production and shipment volumes.


SpreadBoss® personnel affix each joint with unique identifiers that tie all associated data with each particular joint. Our tags are rated to last 5 years in all weather conditions.


Bar codes are scanned by SpreadBoss® personnel at key logistical points such as loading out of trains at the coating mill. SpreadBoss® interacts with the railroad tracking system so you can locate specific shipments, anytime. Pipe joints are scanned at unloading and racking locations, and as your pipe leaves the yard for the right-of-way. All of this information is accessible in real-time via our secure website and summarized on your personal dashboard.


SpreadBoss® personnel can place information into formats for use in your proprietary GIS and as-built programs. Our data provides the history and ties to documents related to each pipe joint such as welding procedures, coating specifications, manufacturing specifications, heat tests and material compliance testing results.

Report Design

SpreadBoss® personnel can customize reports and reporting processes for your company’s or investors’ specific needs.

Inventory Control

SpreadBoss® gives you web access to real-time inventory levels. No more sending employees out to the yard to see what you have. Accurate inventory of joint length, dimension or coating type are all readily available in the SpreadBoss® program.

Other Products

The SpreadBoss® program can track and manage data for valves, launchers, compressors, receivers, flanges and other pipeline construction related material. SpreadBoss® personnel apply the same processes to these items that are done for your pipe.

Existing Product

If you have excess pipe identified with stencils or other non-weather resistant marking, you are risking the value of your pipe. Joints without identification are scrap.  SpreadBoss® personnel can protect your investment by verifying and coding existing product with our 5-year all weather tags, maintaining the value of your pipe and making it possible to monitor your inventory levels in real-time.

Data Warehousing

SpreadBoss® personnel can scan and organize documents for projects that were completed before you implemented our solution. The post-completion process will allow your company to maintain data in a readily accessible format for future audits or other compliance requirements.


Take a look at the dashboard HERE to see how accessible the data is.